Pop Rush 2

Pop Rush 2 is a game where you try to get as many points as you can before time runs out.

You earn points by popping balloons. There are special that gives you powers depending on your settings. Different kinds of balloons will reward you different amount of points.

Normal balloons:

Red Balloon: +1 point
Fast Blue Balloon: +3 points
Spiky Balloon: -3 points
Spinning Purple Balloon: +5 points
Clock Item: +5 time
Golden Balloon (Rare): +50 points

Power Balloons:

Water Balloon: Removes speikes from Spike Ballons.
Fire Balloon: Helps you pop balloons in some way.
Treasure Balloon: Multiplies the points you earn.

You can customize the powers of the different Power Balloons.

Before the game starts, you can choose an area to play in. Each area has a guarantee chance of one specific type of Power Balloon appearing.

There is also a combo system. Your combo will increase by 1 every time you pop a Balloon. But if you miss a balloon, then you will lose your combo. Your highest combo will be added to your score when time run out.

See if you can set a World Record!

WARNING: I think world records won’t save for people who are logged out or “new scratchers”. And you won’t se the world record either, it will just default to 50. It will also not work on this site because you need to be on scratch to be logged in.

Scratch link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/700113769


Code: Elliott Fagerdin Blom
Art: Elliott Fagerdin Blom
Music: Elliott Fagerdin Blom
Sound effects: Elliott Fagerdin Blom

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